Shafer Commodities markets the Kosher certified non-GMO Canola Oil produced by BioExx at their facility located in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. BioExx sources only non-GMO canola seeds for their production, thereby ensuring product identity preservation.

The BioExx Crude Non-GMO Canola Oil is an expeller pressed oil. Expeller pressing extracts oil with a mechanical press rather than using a solvent extraction process. This means the resulting oil has no chemical residues. Expeller pressed oil is a pure oil, higher in natural colors and flavours.

The BioExx Super Degummed Non-GMO Canola Oil is the result of a low temperature process that produces oil that meets and exceeds the specification for super degummed canola oil. The process involves expeller pressing of non-GMO canola seeds so the temperature reached during the process is less than 50 degrees C, compared to regular solvent extraction plants which regularly hit process temperatures in excess of 100 degrees C.

Our non-GMO Canola Oil is available in bulk railcars or trucks. Please contact us for a price quote delivered to your destination.